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Business Insurance in Cranberry Township, PA

Although your business may take steps to avoid accidents, errors and other incidents, even the most diligent and experienced organizations may eventually need to manage the financial ramifications of such situations. Certain risks and perils may be out of your control, but you must still account for these incidents in your business’s loss control measures. Your company should prioritize business insurance to protect it from potentially devastating out-of-pocket losses.

How Does Business Insurance Work?

Business insurance is typically composed of several types of coverage that come together to form a portfolio of financial protection. When adequately assembled, this business insurance portfolio can provide funds and resources in response to covered incidents. Each component of business insurance may have its own premium, and by maintaining your company’s coverage through these regular payments, you can retain access to financial assistance up to policy limits and minus applicable deductibles.

What Does Business Insurance Cover?

The appropriate components of a business insurance portfolio may vary depending on your organization’s circumstances; however, the importance of the following coverages may transcend industry lines:

  • General liability insurance—This coverage may help pay for incidents your business is responsible for and from which third parties accrue losses, such as bodily injuries, property damage and reputational harm.
  • Commercial property insurance—This type of insurance may provide financial protection for your company’s physical assets, including structures, equipment, inventory and furniture.
  • Business interruption insurance—If a covered incident disrupts your normal operations, this coverage may compensate you for ongoing expenses and resulting losses, such as rent, loan payments, employee wages and lost income.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance—This part of your business insurance portfolio may provide financial assistance for medical bills, lost wages, disability benefits and legal costs arising from employees’ work-related illnesses or injuries.
  • Product liability insurance—If your company is involved in the production, transportation or distribution of goods, this coverage can financially protect you if they are later found defective or inadequate.
  • Commercial auto insurance—This coverage may provide financial assistance for incidents related to your business’s motor vehicles, including liability for other parties’ losses and repair costs.

How Much Business Insurance Do I Need?

Your business’s insurance needs are unique and require a thorough analysis of many criteria. When assessing your organization’s coverage needs, you should work with a qualified insurance professional and consider various factors, including the following:

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Business assets and property
  • Estimated annual revenue

How to Get Business Insurance

Having served businesses, families and individuals for over 20 years, the dedicated team at Dunton Insurance Agency is well-equipped to help your company assess and address its coverage needs. Contact us today to get started.

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